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Positive Mitzvah 217

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Positive Mitzvah 217: Allowing a Childless Widow to Remarry
Deuteronomy 25:9 "And she shall remove his shoe off his foot"

If a person does not wish to marry his late brother's childless widow (see Positive Mitzvah 216), he must follow a special procedure in court to allow her to remarry.

This procedure is called Chalitzah and includes removing the man's shoe.

Trusting in the One Above doesn't mean waiting for miracles. It means having confidence in what you are doing right now -- because you know He has put you on the right path and will fill whatever you do with divine energy and blessing from on high.

From: "Bringing Heaven Down to Earth" by Tzvi Freeman - tzvif@aol.com members.aol.com/tzviF

  Day 82Day 84  

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